I love watching those television shows where a crew makes an average looking house into something incredible. I am not much of a DIYer myself, but I have gotten some great ideas from shows like this. It is rare that I act on these ideas though. Instead, I file them away in my mental “one day” folder. However, when I saw the transformation of a tiny bathroom, I knew that I wanted to find a company that does Queens shower installations so I could see if they could do something similar for my own tiny bathroom.

I honestly never thought that there was much that could be done. It is a very tiny space that had a tub, toilet and sink crammed tightly together. The bathroom that I saw redone on TV looked a bit smaller than mine though, so that gave me a lot of hope that I could have something similar done. I contacted one of the companies that does shower installations, because that was really the only thing that needed done. The toilet was just fine, and I love the sink that I have in there. I just had a bulky tub, and I thought that it could be replaced with a nice shower instead.

When they told me that they could rip the tub out, install a shower with a bench, and even give me some shelves since my shower stall did not need to be as big as my tub was, I felt like I won the lottery. The bathroom lottery, anyway! They showed me different showers that I could have put in, and I knew immediately the one I wanted as soon as I saw it. It has frosted glass for the doors, two shower nozzles, and a built in bench. I am so glad that I did this because the bathroom looks completely different now!

The Transformation of My Tiny Bathroom